cooperations & references

I design and create all patterns and illustrations myself. Please contact me via the contact form if you are interested in cooperation. I am looking forward to it.

Autumn/winter fabric collection 2022

FS23 Kollektion "animals" & "Kolibris"

FS23 Kollektion 'animals'

Für alle Händler bestellbar bis Anfang Oktober '22

HW22 Kollektion "Autumn Life"

Ab jetzt im Handel!

Iggel Iggi



Oakley Watercolor


Moppi Rabbit fabric collection

Hausmesse Frühjahr Swafing 2022

Dackel Kalle fabric collection

Hausmesse Swafing GmbH Frühjahr 2022

‚My little foxy‘ fabric collection

My first fabriccollection in cooperations with Swafing GmbH /2020

Little penguin & Lovely robin 2021

Other fabric collections 2021 for Swafing GmbH

Chamäleon Kami & Little Rescue Patrol

fabricdesign by Christiane Zielinski Illustration produced by Stoff im Pott

Stoffpanele und Rapportmuster

fabric design for sissi's traumland

surface design for Happiness is customized GmbH 2018-2020